Whales are famous for stranding themselves on beaches. Are these coastlines the whales' graveyards?
A team of scientists from Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is studying an unusual fish captured alive in a crab pot near Port Orford this week -- Striped Knifejaw
What stage of life ticks are in is necessary to predicting tick-borne disease spread said Dr. Taal Levi of Oregon State University, who was working with Ostfeld, doing emergence studies.
Researchers from all over the world come to Lizard Island to study on the surrounding Great Barrier Reef, one of the most diverse and pristine such systems in the world.
Researchers say oil made marine animals scarcer, including sperm whales, which are no longer feeding in a vast area of the Gulf of Mexico.


Corvallis resident Eric Forsman, a research wildlife biologist at the Corvallis Forestry Sciences Laboratory, received a U.S. Department of Agriculture Award earlier this month.

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