Officials say thousands of cormorants abandoned their nests on East Sand Island in the Columbia River and they don’t know why. Reports indicate as many as 16,000 adult birds in the colony left...
“Today is a marvelous day,” said Carl Schreck, professor of Fisheries at Oregon State University. “We’re recognizing forever that these animals are an important part of our environmental ecosystem."
The Oregon coast currently has a thriving community of juvenile starfish (or sea stars), with some places seeing populations with as many as 300 times the typical number, researchers said.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is undertaking a three-month investigation of one of the most mysterious places on Earth: the Mariana Trench.
Like a dramatic scene from a Hollywood thriller, a humpback whale suddenly emerged from the water just feet from boats, docks, and onlookers in southeastern Alaska, its giant mouth gaping.


Dr. Joe Ebersole meets up with Brianna to talk about her achievements

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