The bow section of a boat found last week off the Oregon Coast acted as a rudimentary fish tank for at least 21 species of plant and fish life from the boat's home across the Pacific Ocean.
A group of scientists is taking the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans by land, sea and air.
The feat was recorded in a study published today in the journal “Biology Letters” by Oregon State University biologist Bruce Mate, chair of the school’s Marine Mammal Institute.
The small jellyfish-like animals normally live out at sea, floating on its surface.
MONDAY MORNING MEETING: Our speaker on April 13th will be Tobias Schäfer, who works in the Water Policy Office of Grüne Liga, a non-profit organization based in Berlin.


Aimee Massey, a first-year PhD student in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, recently received a Fulbright US Student Award to support up to nine months of research in Kenya.

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