Adam Duarte
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Decision analysis; Demographic estimation; Ecological modeling; Population dynamics; Spatial analysis; Wildlife ecology

OSU Campus
Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
Office: 445 Weniger Hall; Mail: 104 Nash Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States


I am an ecologist interested in quantifying ecological and anthropogenic factors that affect the distribution, abundance, and dynamics of populations within and among landscapes. The primary motivation for my work is to develop the tools and understanding necessary to support informed decisions for conservation and management efforts. I typically integrate concepts from population ecology, spatial ecology, and ecological modeling to answer research questions, and although my research experiences have given me the opportunity to work with a variety of taxa, most of my research is strongly motivated by applied problems for species of concern. 

As a postdoc, I am working with Jim Peterson at USGS Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and Mike Adams at USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center on a number of projects that involve coordinating a structured approach to decision making for natural resource management problems within aquatic ecosystems. 


Fall Term, 2016
FW 537 Structured Decision Making in Natural Resource Management
FW 538 Structured Decision Making in Natural Resource Management

Winter Term, 2016
FW 317 Mammalogy


Ph.D., Aquatic Resources, 2015, Texas State University
M.S., Wildlife Ecology, 2011, Texas State University–San Marcos
B.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, 2009, Texas A&M University

I can serve on graduate committees


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