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(Above) Students take samples from the beach at Newport, OR on a Hatfield Marine Science Center field trip.

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The Department News & Views is published once a year and contains current information regarding departmental events, personnel, research and awards. Wondering what your classmates have been up to since you graduated? Find out all about them in the "From the Mailbag" section in the latest news and views.

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Interested in staying in touch via email with other alums? The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife maintains an electronic mail list to facilitate information exchange and interaction among alumnus. Messages sent to the list are automatically distributed to everyone who is on the list.

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Registry of Distinguished Graduates

The Registry of Distinguished Graduates is intended to recognize a select few of our alumni who have made major contributions to the field of fisheries and wildlife, and who have achieved real distinction in a career in natural resource education, research, or management. The Committee for the Registry of Distinguished Graduates is composed of two faculty and two alumni. Candidates should be nominated from among those OSU graduates with at least 20 years of experience in the field. Nominations can take many forms, but should describe the highlights of the nominee’s professional career. A resume may be the most useful format, but a letter describing the nominee’s career and achievements also would suffice.

Donald W. Chapman, MS '57, PhD '61
Hillary Egna, M. Ag. '85
Martin Fitzpatrick, MS '85, PhD '90
Richard Steiner, MS '79
Evie Bull, MS '75
John Hayes, BS '78
Howard Horton, MS '55, PhD '63
Marcia Wilson, MS '78, PhD '84
Jerri L. Bartholomew, MS '85
Daniel H. Diggs, BS '75
George Y. Harry, Jr., BS '40
Dale A. Hein, BS '59
Judith L. Li, PhD '90
Frederick G. Lindzey, PhD '76
William H. Mast, BS '72
Geoffrey J. Pampush, MS '81
Roland F. Rousseau, BS '58
William W. Smoker, PhD '82
Grant G. Thompson, MS '81, PhD '84
W. Alan Wentz, MS '71
Peter A. Bisson, MS '69, PhD '75
Jim Kahrs, BS '51
John D. McIntyre, MS '67, PhD '70
John Helle, PhD '79
Michael Passmore, BS '74, MS '77
Carol Schuler, MS '87
Winston Smith, PhD '82
Dale Crane, BS '53
R. Michael Laurs, BS '61
Jim Lichatowich, BS '69, MS '70
James Martin, BS '69, MS '76
Neil Ringler, MS '70
Susan E. Finger, MS '81
Gordon H. Kruse, MS '81, PhD '84
Dale A. McCullough, PhD '88
Daniel M. Woltering, MS '76, PhD '81
Randall Brown, BS '59, MS '60
Ivan Donaldson, BS '40
Philip Janik, MS '75
Lee Kuhn, MS '42
Andrew Landforce, BS '42
Ira David Luman, BS '48
C. David McIntire, BS '58, PhD '64
Robert M. Hughes, PhD '79
Frank Groves, BS '36, MS '40
Fred Guthery, BS '70
Jim Rearden, BS '48
George B. Wint, BS '48, MS '40
David A. Armstrong, MS '74
William J. Liss, MS '74, PhD '77
Bruce G. Marcot, PhD '85
Gordon H. Reeves, PhD '85
Wayne Wurtsbaugh, PhD '73
Joseph Greenley, BS '50
Robert Mace, BS '42
Charles Warren, BS '49, MS '51
Lindsay A. Ball, BS '75
Kay Brown, BS '72
Eric D. Forsman, BS '72, MS '75, PhD '80
Fred A. Glover, BS '41
Stanley V. Gregory, MS '74, PhD '80
Bruce C. Thompson, MS '76
John C. Briggs, BS '43
Joseph Chapman, BS '65, MS '67, PhD '70
Jay Long, BS '39, MS '48
John McKean, BS '38
Spencer Smith, BS '48
William Wick, BS '50, MS '52
James W. Greer, BS '73
Reynaldo PatiƱo, MS '83, PhD '88
Stacia A. Sower, MS '78, PhD '81
Michael R. Vaughn, MS '74
Carl Bond, BS '47, MS '48
Robert Carline, MS '68
Michael Dahlberg, BS '62, MS '63
Ralph Denney, BS '53
John Fryer, BS '56, MS '57
David Marshall, BS '50
Dale McCullough, MS '60
David Narver, BS '56
Phillip Schneider, BS '40
Roy Stein, MS '71
Harry Wagner, MS '59, PhD '72
Howard Wight, BS '48
Charles Henny, MS '65, PhD '71
Anne Kapuscinski, MS '80, PhD '84
Stanford Smith, BS '43
Dirk Van Vuren, MS '80
Jack Williams, PhD '81
James Yoakum, MS '57