Collin Eagles-Smith
Courtesy Assistant Professor

Ecological Effects of Contaminants

OSU Campus
Fisheries and Wildlife
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States
(541) 750-0949


My research focuses on the interactions among ecological processes, contaminant bioaccumulation, and effects on wild populations. I have specifically focused on (1) the ecological factors regulating contaminant bioaccumulation and trophic transfer, with an emphasis on food web processes and contaminant cycling, (2) land use practices and ecosystem restoration effects on contaminant cycling through food webs, and (3) the sublethal effects of contaminants on individuals and contaminant-induced impairment to reproduction in the wild. I broadly apply my research across taxa (primarily fish and waterbirds) and habitat types (including lakes, freshwater wetlands, agricultural fields, and estuarine habitats).


Ph.D, 2006; Ecology; UC Davis
B.S., 2000; Environmental and Resource Sci; UC Davis

I accept graduate students for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department