Dan Rosenberg
Courtesy Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology

Population, Landscape, and Space Use-Ecology

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Fisheries and Wildlife
(541) 757-9041


I have focused my research activities in the field of applied ecology in an attempt to understand environmental factors affecting the distribution and abundance of animals in managed ecosystems. I attempt to incorporate theoretical and empirical approaches to better understand how animal populations respond to environmental stressors. My research is focused at several levels, ranging from understanding space-use of individuals, the effect of individual performance to population dynamics, and ultimately to the landscape scale.


FW599 Models and Inference


Ph.D. - 1995 - Wildlife Ecology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
M.S. - 1990 - Wildlife Ecology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
B.S. - 1985 - Biology, Wildlife Sciences

I accept graduate students for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department

Fun Fact

I enjoy most all outdoor activities, including sea kayaking, fishing, camping/hiking, bike riding; and enjoy photography, woodworking, small-scale livestock production.