Lawsuit claims border wall would be bad for animals

Criticism of President Donald Trump's proposed “big, beautiful” wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has largely focused on how bad it would be for people: It could cost many billions of dollars, divide families and send a bad message to the people the country wants to do business with south of the border. But a new lawsuit makes the case that the proposed border wall wouldn't be good for animals, either.  

The lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Center for Biological Diversity, a conservation group in Tucson, Arizona, and U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva, whose district includes areas of the Arizona border, claims the proposed 2,000-mile border wall and the federal government's existing border security enforcement plan violate federal environmental laws protecting wildlife and natural resources. U.S. Department of Homeland Secretary John Kelly and Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan are named as defendants.