Lisa M. Ellsworth
Lisa M. Ellsworth
Lisa M. Ellsworth


fire ecology
fire science
habitat ecology
Lisa M. Ellsworth
Assistant Professor, Senior Research
  • Fire Science and Ecology
  • Restoration Ecology
  • Management of critical habitat for sagebrush associated wildlife species
OSU Campus
Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
104 Nash Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States
Office: 541-737-1959


My primary research interests lie in the ecology and management of upland ecosystems, with a particular interest in the interactions of disturbance regimes with wildlife habitat requirements.  My research has focused on the synergistic influences of fire and other disturbances (invasive species, domestic grazing, fire suppression, and land cover change) on fire behavior, landscape level land cover change, and impacts to wildlife species and associated ecosystems, with a particular focus on long-term temporal scales.  


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2012  PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Natural Resources and Environmental Management
2006  MS, Oregon State University, Wildlife Science
2001  BS,  Oregon State University, Biology

I accept graduate students for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department
I can serve on graduate committees


Ellsworth, LM, AP Dale, CM Litton, and T Miura.  Improved prediction of live and dead fuel moisture in invasive Megathyrsus maximus grasslands in Hawaii using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data.  In press: International Journal of Wildland Fire

Ellsworth, LM, JB Kauffman, D Wrobleski, and SA Reis. 2016. Ecosystem resilience is evident 17 years after fire in Wyoming big sagebrush ecosystems.  Ecosphere 7(12): e01618

Ellsworth, LM, CM Litton, and JK Leary.  2015.  Restoration impacts on fuels and fire potential in a dryland tropical ecosystem dominated by the invasive grass Megathyrsus maximus. Restoration Ecology 23(6): 955-963

Evans, EW, LM Ellsworth, and CM Litton.  2015.  Impact of grazing on fine fuels and potential fire behaviour in a non-native tropical grassland.  Pacific Conservation Biology 21(2): 126-132.

Beschta, RL, JB Kauffman, DS Dobkin, and LM Ellsworth.  2014.  Long-term livestock grazing alters aspen age structure in the northwestern Great Basin. Forest Ecology and Management 329: 30-36.

Ellsworth, LM, CM Litton, AP Dale, and T Miura.  2014.  Invasive grasses change landscape structure and fire behaviour in Hawaii. Journal of Applied Vegetation Science 17(4): 680-689.

Ellsworth, LM, CM Litton, AD Taylor and JB Kauffman. 2013.  Spatial and temporal variability in Megathyrsus maximus grasslands on Oahu, Hawaii.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 22:1083-1092.

Ellsworth, LM and JB Kauffman.  2013.  Seedbank responses to spring and fall prescribed fire in mountain big sagebrush ecosystems of differing ecological condition at Lava Beds National Monument, California.  Journal of Arid Environments 96: 1-8. 

Ammondt, S AE, CM Litton, LM Ellsworth, and JK Leary. 2012. Restoration of native plant communities in a Hawaiian dry lowland ecosystem dominated by the invasive grass Megathyrsus maximus. Journal of Applied Vegetation Science 16(1): 29-39. 

Ellsworth, LM and JB Kauffman. 2010. Native bunchgrass response to prescribed fire in ungrazed mountain big sagebrush ecosystems.  Fire Ecology 6(3): 86-96.

Fun Fact

I like running long distances through the forest, growing vegetables and keeping bees, and listening to entirely too much Elton John.