NW ag, forestry, fisheries pack economic punch

The study, commissioned by Northwest Farm Credit Services and performed by extension economists at Oregon State University and the University of Idaho, found agriculture, forestry and fisheries account for 10.6 percent of all jobs in the five-state region and 12.2 percent of all sales in 2015.

“We knew intuitively how vital these industries are to the Northwest and wanted to quantify their contributions to the regional economy,” said Phil DiPofi, NWFCS president and CEO.

“This study affirms the significant impact producers have on the financial strength of our region,” he said.

Agriculture is the front runner in economic impact, claiming about 70 percent of total sales and jobs within the region’s natural resources sector with more than $120.1 billion in direct and related sales and 621,518 jobs in 2015.

It also accounted for 8.3 percent of total sales in the region and 7.5 percent of all jobs, the economists found.

Forestry accounts for nearly 24 percent of sales in the natural resources sector and 21 percent of the jobs. Direct and related sales in the industry totaled nearly $42 billion and provided 189,000 jobs in 2015. Read more...