Teaching and Learning Spotlight: Rebecca Hutchinson

LIFE@OSU and the Center for Teaching and Learning are introducing a new semi-monthly series highlighting the stories of successful teaching on campus. Faculty featured in the series have all utilized CTL resources in order to better enhance their classroom experiences. For more information about CTL: http://ctl.oregonstate.edu/

This month’s featured faculty member is Rebecca Hutchinson, assistant professor with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

What (or who) drew you to teaching? 

My teaching career actually started in high school when I started offering piano lessons to children. My first college course (taken while in high school) was Piano Pedagogy, which was taught by the professor I took individual piano lessons from as well. I continued giving lessons through the first part of college and enjoyed it immensely. My piano teacher and my teaching experiences were definitely an inspiration for things to come. I also served as a teaching assistant in both undergrad and graduate school, which I also found rewarding. 

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