Nassau grouper

Scott Heppell

Latin name: Epinephelus striatus

Streaked Horned Larks are a subspecies of horned lark once found west of the Cascades from Oregon's Rogue River Valley north to SW British Columbia. They have experienced severe range retraction and currently occupy only the Willamette Valley, the Lower Columbia River Basin, and the southern Puget Trough. As of 2012, streaked horned larks are listed as federally threatened. Dr. Randall Moore has studied lark ecology extensively and worked with USFWS to construct a federal recovery plan.

Did you know? The Nassau grouper aggregates in large numbers to spawn.


Heppell SA, BX Semmens, SK Archer, CV Pattengill-Semmens, PG Bush, CM McCoy, SS Heppell, and BC Johnson. 2012. Documenting recovery of a spawning aggregation through size frequency analysis from underwater laser calipers measurements. Biological Conservation 155: 119-127

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