Zoom Settings for Added Security
Before you set up the actual meeting

We recommend that the major professor set up the Zoom meeting. This will allow them to choose the proper security settings while also allowing them to control the breakout room during the review portion of the defense.

  1. Log in to zoom.oregonstate.edu with your onid credentials.

  2. Click the Settings link in the left sidebar.
  3. Find Breakout Room – Make sure this is toggled on. (Don’t assign breakout rooms before hand, this feature will be used later during the closed door portion.)
Setting up the defense meeting
  1. Click Schedule a Meeting in the menu bar.
  2. Fill in title, date, and time of the seminar. Note: If the defense starts at 1pm, start the meeting for 1pm. We can log in early to make sure everything is working.
  3. Meeting options should be as follows:
    • ☐ Enable join before host
    • ☒ Mute participants on entry
    • ☒ Enable waiting room
    • ☐ Only authenticated users can join. Leaving this unchecked will let agency employees and non-OSU audience members join
    • ☒ Record meeting automatically in the cloud
  4. Set three alternative hosts to help maintain the waiting room:
    • the defending student,
    • Amanda Polley,
    • and another graduate student from the defending student’s lab.
During the Defense Seminar

Log in 15 – 20 minutes before the start of the seminar to test equipment and admit committee members from the waiting room.

  1. Once the presentation is shared and the audio and video are ready you can start admitting other attendees from the waiting room.
  2. At the start of the presentation the major professor will introduce the defending student.
  3. During the presentation the co-hosts will monitor the waiting room and make sure that attendees stay muted and that there are no disruptions.
  4. For the Q&A portion of the seminar the major professor will advise the audience on how they will be taking questions. There are two options:
    • Hand raising: in the participants window there is a raise hand option at the bottom of the window. The major professor will unmute each person in order and ask them to recite their question.
    • Entering text questions in chat: Participants will type out questions and the major professor will read them aloud to the student to answer. The student can then ask for more detail if needed.
  5. Following Q&A everyone can unmute and clap and acknowledge the student’s hard work, just like we would in person!
Initiating Closed Door Defense

Remove any remaining attendees that aren’t members of the committee.

  1. Once only the committee remains, lock the room. This can be done in the participant window by clicking More and then selecting lock meeting from the dropdown menu.
  • Note: once the meeting is locked no one that is not a host can reenter the meeting. If a committee member leaves the room the major professor or student will have to unlock the room so they can return.
  1. When the committee is ready to deliberate the major professor will create a breakout room.
    1. Click Breakout Rooms in the main toolbar.
    2. Click Add a Room
    3. Assign the defending student to that room.
    4. When you are done discussions as a committee you can go into the room to get the student and bring them back to the main room.
  2. There is also the option of creating a second Zoom link specifically for the closed door portion. If you decide to go this route, please use all the same security options that you used for the seminar meeting.