Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar Series
Fall Term
Wednesdays 3-4 P.M.
LiNC 302

Sponsoring Departments
Fisheries and Wildlife, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Integrative Biology, Botany and Plant Pathology, OSU Research Office, and Forest Biodiversity Research Network

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October 4 // Elizabeth Borer
University of Minnesota
From elements to elk and elephants: effects of nutrients and herbivores in global grasslands
October 11 // Rob Fletcher
University of Florida
Connections in nature: the problem of connectivity and movement in the Anthropocene
October 18 // Beth Gardner
University of Washington
Wildlife movement and space use in a changing environment
October 25 // Christian Hagen
Oregon State University
Conservation conundrum, voluntary action or regulatory controls to restore imperiled species?
November 1 // Kelly Biedenweg
Oregon State University
The Social Conservationist: Trust, Identity, and Bias in Biological Conservation
November 8 // Scott Mills
University of Montana
Seasonal Camouflage Reveals the Potential for Adaptive Rescue to Climate Change
November 15 // Bruce Menge
Oregon State University
Biogeographical community ecology: insights from a long-term experimental perspective in a climate change context
November 22 // Matt Johnson
Humboldt State University
Birds, pests, and habitat: case studies of bird-provided ecosystem services from Jamaica, Kenya, and California
November 28 // Thanksgiving
December 6 // Claire Kremen
University of British Columbia
Whole Earth conservation: Designing landscapes that work for people and nature
Zoom Meeting Number: 378 881 353