What can ecology, evolution and conservation biology contribute to understanding global pandemics?

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar Series
Fall term 2020
Fridays 3-4 P.M.
Zoom Webinar

Zoom: beav.es/eecb
YouTube: beav.es/oSs

Sponsoring Departments
Fisheries and Wildlife, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Integrative Biology, Botany and Plant Pathology, OSU Research Office, and Forest Biodiversity Research Network

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September 25 // David Quammen
Author and journalist, National Geographic and Outside Magazine
The Ecology and Evolution of a Coronavirus

October 2 // Carl Zimmer
New York Times
Can Science Save Us From Covid?

October 9 // Winifred Frick
Chief Scientist, Bat Conservation International
The relevancy of bat research and conservation to global health

October 16 // Wendy Turner
SUNY Albany
Anthrax transmission in African wildlife

October 23 // Liza Comita
Yale University
How disease begets diversity: plant-pathogen interactions in tropical forests

October 30 // Andrew P. Dobson
Princeton University
Ecology and economics for pandemic prevention

November 6 // Susan Jarvi
University of Hawaii, Hilo
Rat lungworm disease: an emerging infectious disease in the US

November 13 // Erin Mordecai
Stanford University
Global change and the ecology of vectorborne disease

November 20 // Abba Gumel
Arizona State University
Could face masks curtail the post-lockdown resurgence of COVID-19 in the US?

December 4 // Ben Dalziel
Oregon State University
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases in Cities