The plenary speaker for RAFWE 2020 will be OSU's very own Dr. Dave Lytle!

His talk is titled:

"Are Species Interactions Real? Lessons from Matrix community Models in River Ecosystems"


Dr. Dave Lytle is a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University. Dr. Lytle's lab "uses evolutionary ecology to understand how organisms and communities are shaped by disturbances such as floods, droughts, and dams. Much of our focus is on aquatic insects, but lab members also work on projects involving fish, frogs, and riparian plants. Current projects examine the evolution of species in regulated rivers, population dynamics and biodiversity estimation in desert streams, management of dammed rivers with prescribed flow regimes, and theory of interaction-neutral community models."
lytle lab shirt


His current research includes estimating biodiversity in desert aquatic habitats; the evolution of behaviors and organismal life histories related to disturbance events like floods and fire; and the effects of flow-regime management on ecosystems and in-river organisms. His papers have been cited nearly 6,000 times on Google Scholar and include everything from river-scale experiments to behavioral studies of river-dwelling invertebrates. Beyond his academic accomplishments, Dr. Lytle has been involved in the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Series (EECB); an inter-departmental seminar series that unites scientists and students from the departments of Integrative Biology, Fisheries and Wildlife, Botany and Plant Pathology, Forest Ecosystems and Society, and Forest Engineering and Resource Management.