Are blue whales finding new "microphone channel" to communicate in?

For the past two decades, scientists have documented a gradual lowering of the frequency of blue whale calls and they haven't been sure why – or even whether the phenomenon is intentional.

Other baleen  in the North Pacific have been recorded in recent years generating vocalizations that are missing the "overtone" portions of their calls. Again, scientists are unsure why.

Whales will be affected by seabed mining, says expert

Seabed mining could send the blue whale population out of the South Taranaki Bight, says a marine mammal expert.

Dr Leigh Torres, a marine ecologist at Oregon State University who has studied the blue whale population in the area, made one of thousands of submissions opposing Trans Tasman Resources' application to mine 66 square kilometres off the west coast of South Taranaki for iron sand.

On Thursday the Environment Protection Authority ruled in favour of the mining company.