Christopher Janousek

Assistant Professor
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Office: 541-250-2086

I work with researchers at Oregon State University and other institutions (e.g., USGS, PNNL, NOAA NERR system) to study climate change impacts to west coast estuarine wetlands, carbon storage in coastal wetlands, and ecosystem responses to tidal marsh restoration. Along with collaborators, I use experimental, observational, and modeling approaches in my research including greenhouse and field experiments. I have active field sites in California, Oregon and Washington, a region which incorporates a gradient in coastal climate conditions for estuarine wetlands. Some of my field research and monitoring includes channel and groundwater hydrology monitoring, manipulative experiments to study inundation and salinity effects on plant productivity, and measurement of organic matter decomposition rates. In the greenhouse and laboratory I conduct work on plant germination, productivity, and fecundity.



Janousek CN, Folger C. 2017. Evaluating National Wetlands Inventory wetland class differences in plant composition and soil characteristics in Oregon tidal wetlands. Wetlands Ecol Management. → link

Thorne KM, Elliott-Fisk DL, Bui TB, Freeman CM, Powelson KW, Janousek CN, Buffington KJ, Takekawa JY. 2017. Are coastal managers ready for climate change? A case study from estuaries along the Pacific coast of the United States. Ocean and Coastal Management 143:38-50. → link

Janousek CN, Buffington K, Guntenspergen G, Thorne K, Dugger B, Takekawa T. 2017. Inundation, vegetation, and soil effects on litter decomposition in Pacific coast tidal marshes. Ecosystems. → link

Janousek CN, Buffington K, Thorne K, Guntenspergen G, Takekawa T, Dugger B. 2016. Potential effects of sea-level rise on plant productivity: species-specific responses in northeast Pacific tidal marshes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 548:111-125. → link

Janousek CN, Folger CL. 2014. Variation in tidal wetland plant diversity and composition within and among coastal estuaries: assessing the relative importance of environmental gradients. J. Vegetation Science 25:534-545.→ link

Janousek CN, Folger CL. 2013. Inter-specific variation in salinity effects on germination in Pacific Northwest tidal wetland plants. Aquatic Botany 111:104-111.→ link

Janousek CN, Mayo C. 2013. Plant responses to increased inundation and salt exposure: interactive effects on tidal marsh productivity. Plant Ecology 214:917-928.  → link

Janousek CN, Folger CL. 2012. Patterns of distribution and environmental correlates of macroalgal assemblages and sediment chlorophyll a in Oregon tidal wetlands. Journal of Phycology 48:1448-1457. → link

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I enjoy backpacking, kayaking, photography, gardening and cooking in my free time.


My research focuses on the structure, function, and vulnerability of tidal wetland plant communities along the Pacific coast of the US. I have three major projects: (1) Understanding how climate change impacts wetland plant community structure and ecosystem functions such as decomposition and productivity, (2) Assessing blue carbon stocks in Pacific Northwest estuaries, and (3) Evaluating ecosystem responses to tidal wetland restoration. I use a variety of approaches to address these questions including manipulative experiments. My other academic interests include phycology, plant biogeography, and estuarine hydrology.