Daniel Palacios

Endowed Associate Professor in Whale Habitats

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Hatfield Marine Science Center 227

Hatfield Marine Science Center 2030 SE Marine Science Drive

Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
  • Quantitative ecology
  • Analysis and visualization of whale telemetry data
  • Characterization of critical habitat for large whales
  • Study of long-distance migration and navigation in whales

I co-lead the Whale Telemetry Group at the Marine Mammal Institute together with Dr. Bruce Mate. Our field of study is cetacean ecology, using telemetry as a tool to improve our understanding of foraging ecology, migration and movement patterns, species-habitat associations, population dynamics, and ecosystem and trophic interactions. Since these questions have relevance for the management and conservation of whale populations, we also address interactions with human activities and the effects of anthropogenic factors as part of our research. Because cetaceans migrate over large ranges that cross political boundaries, our program has a strong international emphasis.

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