Holly V. Campbell

Holly.Campbell [at] oregonstate.edu

Office: (541)740-9716

Current research interests include

•ecosystem-based management in freshwater and marine settings

•land-ocean interactions and human influences on coastal water quality and biodiversity (including climate impacts, and land-based pollution)

•nutrient management options (on-the-ground and international policy)

My work also broadly involves analyses of environmental and marine governance and policy at national and international scales. 

The OSU Graduate School has qualified me to serve as student advisor or committee member in several graduate programs.  I am not accepting invitations to serve as major advisor to new graduate students at this time.  I will be able to serve as a member of graduate committees in 2020. 

Curriculum Vitae: 

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Affiliated with: 
Fisheries and Wildlife Science
Courses Taught: 

FW 422.522 Ocean Law,      FW 415 Wildlife Law 

PPOL 446.546 US Coastal Law and Policy

PPOL 447.547 Integrated Policy Approaches to Food, Energy, Water and Climate

PPOL 448.548 US Marine Policy 

University Honors College Colloquia HC 407:  

Exploring the Oceans Then and Now 

Reimagining the City 

John Steinbeck's Pacific



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